An instructional page on how to use rope tack!

Natural Nag makes custom lead ropes, training leads, lunge lines, mecates, reins, and other gear for your natural horse training. We use the tack we make and really believe in natural horsemanship. Parelli, Anderson, Reis, Roberts, and Lyons all use similar equipment to facilitate their horses responsiveness. Please look at the directions below for proper use of our tack.
To use the rope halter:
1) Thread the copper end through the fastening loop from inside to out
2) Wrap copper end down to the right and behind the fastening loop. This creates your closure loop.
3) Thread the copper end over loop and into the closure loop and tighten.
To attach the lead rope with out a snap to the halter:
1) Put Fiador knot (chin knot) through the loop of the lead rope.
2) Take the other end of lead rope and feed it through bottom loops of the halter.
3) Pull down until tight, the Fiador knot should go back through the lead rope. The loop of the lead rope should rest on the halter loops below the Fiador knot. The connection should look like a square knot.
Attaching reins to slobber straps:
1) Feed end of rein through both slobbers holes (from the inside of slobber) and wrap end clockwise around slobber.
2) Put end under the rope on the way back around.
Repeat on other side.
Attaching mecate reins to slobber straps:
Follow steps above to secure one end of mecate to slobber strap and repeat on other side, leaving 10 foot of rope between slobbers (these are your reins). The remaining 12 foot of rope is your lead line....attach to horn or I like to tuck an end in my belt.
Release of liability: Natural Nag Co. assumes no liability for accidents or injuries. Horses are unpredictable and dangerous in certain settings, Natural Nag urges you to be careful and thoughtful in your dealings with them.

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